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barsom4 Dr.med. Oliver Barsom

Please find below information about
my medical background

Born 1st of December 1964 in Rendsburg/Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Grammar school in Hannover/Niedersachsen

1983-1989: Medical study at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary

24th of September 1989
Approbation and doctoral dissertation at Semmelweis University in Budapest.
Subject of disertation: "Treatment of incontinent stress by electric stimulation. Degree of dissertation: Cum Laude

Second doctoral dissertation with degree "cum laude" at university Freiburg.
Subject of dissertation: Comparative research of benzoyl peroxide in a phospholipid liposom formulation with benzoyl peroxide in comparable formulation regarding its antibacterial effect by treatment of "Akne vulgaris".
Reception of the title "Dr. med." by medicine department of university Freiburg

2nd of November 1989
Assistant doctor in the surgical clinic of the medical clinic of Lübeck

1st of June 1990 to 9th of March 1994
Assistant doctor in the dermatological clinic of Heilbronn / Profesor MD Djawari

10th of March 1994 to 10th of March 1995
Assistant doctor in the joint practice Dr.med. Winter in Nürnberg

6th of April 1995
Validation of a further specialisation as allergologist

26th of April 1995
License medical specialist for skin and venereal diseases

Since 1st of July 1995
License skin and venereal diseases

5th of April 1997
Further specialisation in environmental medicine

30th of September 1999
Second doctorate ("cum laude"), at the university of Freiburg

Additional Qualification "occupational dermatology"

Additional Qualification "Dermatologic Lasertherapy" and "medical dermatologic cosmetology"

Additional Certificate:"Tropical-and Travel dermatology"

Additional Certificate: "Travel medicine"

 Hautarztpraxis Dr. med. Oliver Barsom
Lichtentaler Straße 13
76530 Baden-Baden

Phone 07221- 2 36 40
Fax 07221- 2 52 65
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