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Dear visitors of our english website: We are currently in the redesign process. The content of the website is still up to date. Soon you will find the new modern version here.

Since 1885 a byword for hog casings and sausage skins
ready to fill

P&T Treiber GmbH & Co. KG is an importer and supplier of natural casings for large firms all over the world.

We stand for high quality natural sausage casings:

● hygienically flawless production in our own factories
● meticulous quality testing carried out by experts on site
● continuous product testing
● careful manual sorting
● optimized production process
● competent employees
● customer-oriented service
● high storage capacities
● high delivery volume
● different options for the processing of intestines

Find out more about our services and our company on the following pages.

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P&T Treiber GmbH & Co.KG
Am Ochsenhorn 12
68723 Plankstadt

Tel: 06202 - 27990
Fax: 06202 - 25719

E-Mail: info@star-fix.de