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Partial and full restoration

At the end of the process you will see your completely or partially restored “Horch”, in which you will discover quality and authenticity in every detail. This will be a journey of discovery of a special kind, for which you will be envied by many oldtimer enthusiasts!
Cult car with nostalgic charm

A restoration, whether partial or full, is always begun by careful and total dismantling of the different sections. All parts are examined to determine reliability and condition. Depending on this examination, we then decide, together with our clients, what our restoration strategy will be.

The steps in the restoration of various Horch models are:
 Mechanical work
 Wheelwright work
 Upholstery work
 Electrics repair
Your personal Horch favourite

Naturally you can accompany us through the exciting restoration process and, rather as in a “glass” workshop, look over our shoulders. We are happy to demonstrate to our customers our craft and know-how. From the paintwork stage on, you can also express your personal preferences in minute detail. Choose colour, colour combination – close to the original or entirely to your own taste.

During the whole restoration process we always like to have open and honest discussions with our clients. Transparency is important to us. Competent advice, detailed correspondence and an extensive photo album convey an exact picture of the work going on. This documentation is given to our clients after the restoration is complete. It is also a guarantee of the significance of the pre-war classic “Horch”